Thursday, 14 July 2011

Birthday Reminder Clipboard

A few weeks back when Jade from Super Organiser Mum was talking about small A5 clipboards for a future project she was going to share I knew exactly what she was talking about! I already had purchase one from Office works and used it to make a Birthday reminder clipboard seen in the wonderful blog world of Eighteen25 and Super Organiser Mum. While their birthday reminder projects were made using a full size clipboard I wanted a smaller one. I used the same download and simply adjusted the print settings to print them smaller. 

  I've been wondering where to put it for ages and then I had a brain wave - I put it on my white board next to my calendar. 

Why don't I just write the birthday on the calendar you might ask. Well July is virtually non-existent for birthdays for us but January, September and November are INSANE! Some days have 3 birthdays since a lot of my nieces and nephews share birthdays. If I wrote them all on the calendar there would be no room for anything else and since the whiteboard calender is primarily for our business that just doesn't cut the mustard!

Oh and the pink peg is from Typo and has a magnet on the back. I've become useless at keeping up with birthday cards and am always running around at the last minute. At the beginning of each month I'm going to write out that month's birthday cards and 'peg' them there until I need to post them or better still give them in person. I hope this works!


  1. LOVE this such a great idea : )

  2. Gorgeous Kaz!
    Love the giant peg magnet? too!
    Clare x

  3. Great idea! I have mine on an A4 page on the side of a bookshelf when I cannot miss it. It has three columns with the month then the birthdays under each month. We have 11 birthdays in January so a calender would not cut it for us either. Sadly despite my intended organisation I still miss peoples birthdays.


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