Tuesday, 26 July 2011


I took this photo the other day to record Miss Molly's latest favourite thing to do. 
She LOVES puzzles at the moment. 
She has these two perfected!

Monday, 25 July 2011

Love, Time and Patience

These photo says so much and means so much to me. 
A Daddy who loves his little girl so much.

 Miss Molly loves to be involved in EVERYTHING!
I am lucky to have a wonderful husband who loves to involve his daughter in EVERYTHING!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Birthday Invitations

Birthday Invitations Done! Phew.

I did not design these myself. I tried and got so overwhelmed as I do not know enough about Photoshop yet. So I gave in and bought a pre-designed birthday card and just changed the details (I have left out personal details in the example above for privacy reasons). This invite was from Erin Bradley at Erin Bradley designs and only cost US$5. Her fabulous work can be found here. She has lots of instant downloads from invitations to digital paper packs. Erin has more work on her sister site Ink Obsessions found here. There are even some freebies for
I love her work.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Kitchen Drawer Reorganising

My recent trip to Ikea saw me buy quite a few goodies to help me reorganise a few things in my house. For my kitchen drawers I picked up a divided drawer organiser. It gave me the motivation to give all my drawers a clean out and tidy up. 

My top drawer had a quick clean up I had to remove the BBQ knives and peeler as Molly gets into this drawer now. I refuse to child lock this one as I'm always in it and that would drive me insane!! Here are the rest of the drawers. Excuse the sideways photos AGAIN!!

I have a utensil container for all my cooking utensils next to my stove so only the rarely used ones are in the drawer.

 Hopefully they stay tidy!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

My Unbelievable Ikea Trip

My sister moved house this week. A massive task since she has five kids. Anyway we went to Ikea today to get some bits and pieces. She got drawers, drawer organisers, spice racks etc. I needed some drawers too. I'm not into having more paper hanging around in the bottom of my handbag for weeks so I always use my phone to take a picture of the hanging tag which tells you what rack and section to pick up the items. 

Doing this today had me gobsmacked. There I was holding the tag of a set of drawers in one hand, phone in the other hand ready to take the photo and .. it was gone! Some women came up and took it right out of my hand. I was seriously speechless that someone could be so rude. The women didn't flinch, apologise .. nothing. It was no mistake or accident it was a direct snatching. Unbelievable!

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

My Happy Girl

Well the weather here has turned yucky! Its cold and wet. Lucky we made the most of the sunny weather before today.

Miss Molly was given two little tikes cars from my sister this weeks and her old outdoor IKEA table and chairs for the kids. She moved house and needed to get rid of some stuff her kids had outgrown. Yay for me and my kids!!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Busy Bags - My first!

Busy bags are bags (or boxes) containing a simple activity or game for kids to do with you or by themselves just to keep them busy. I do a lot of things with Molly as I involve her in most everyday chores but know I have two cherubs I also needed something pre-organized and ready-to-go. Busy bags are mostly based on building a skill or concept (e.g. fine motor, color/letter recognition). Hopefully they are fun and promote a love of learning.

There are lots of ideas for busy bags on the internet. I have found lots and pinned them on Pinterest. You can find them here.

This weekend I made a few simple bags to start with. By the way it was not cold in the house Molly is just obsessed with beanies at the moment.

Bag 1 

Colour Sorting activity – for older children use more colours or use different shades of colours (they are lots of different blues, greens etc!). You can also use egg cartons or ice cube trays for sorting containers.

Bag 2

Threading Activity – I’m using pipe cleaners to start with. Older children could use shoelaces or wool. You could also use pasta for threading. Bianca from A little delightful recently did a post about how to colour pasta here. I've put some penne pasta on my shopping list for this week!

Bag 3

Pegs - There are lots of great busy bag activities that use pegs but Molly can’t use them yet so I’ve made that an activity. She was so in love with it she found a box instead and was sorting different colours on different sides. She still can’t use a peg probably as she just puts them on upside down. But she’s trying and having fun!

Bag 4

Matching Socks – I have some socks that bubs has grown out of already (big feet) so I used them for her find matching pairs. She wasn’t ‘into’ this. I think she might like it better if I rigged up a clothes line for her (or use the clothes airer, pegged the socks up for her and she took the matching pairs down. I will give this a try later this week.

Bags are from Officeworks and are actually pencil cases reasonably priced at $1.48ea.
Buttons were bought by the bag from Spotlight.

Miss Molly is loving them so more to come soon. I also need to do something extra with the bags as they are looking a bit plain. I also want to find a nice box or basket to keep them in.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Birthday Reminder Clipboard

A few weeks back when Jade from Super Organiser Mum was talking about small A5 clipboards for a future project she was going to share I knew exactly what she was talking about! I already had purchase one from Office works and used it to make a Birthday reminder clipboard seen in the wonderful blog world of Eighteen25 and Super Organiser Mum. While their birthday reminder projects were made using a full size clipboard I wanted a smaller one. I used the same download and simply adjusted the print settings to print them smaller. 

  I've been wondering where to put it for ages and then I had a brain wave - I put it on my white board next to my calendar. 

Why don't I just write the birthday on the calendar you might ask. Well July is virtually non-existent for birthdays for us but January, September and November are INSANE! Some days have 3 birthdays since a lot of my nieces and nephews share birthdays. If I wrote them all on the calendar there would be no room for anything else and since the whiteboard calender is primarily for our business that just doesn't cut the mustard!

Oh and the pink peg is from Typo and has a magnet on the back. I've become useless at keeping up with birthday cards and am always running around at the last minute. At the beginning of each month I'm going to write out that month's birthday cards and 'peg' them there until I need to post them or better still give them in person. I hope this works!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Project Life

Oh dear this project is a little behind. I've been feeling a little flat lately. I've got too many 'projects' on the go at the moment and I need to start finishing some! I think this will make me feel better. 
This next week my goal is to finish Project Life for May and to start June. I need to finalise birthday invitations and organise some paperwork. This should keep me busy enough as I will have some extra children for a couple of days and will be helping my sister move house on Friday and Saturday. By the way my sister can't decide whether she loves me or hates me for introducing her to Pinterest! She is finding a lot of great ideas that will be useful in her new house which is much smaller than her last.

Here a a few finished pages in my Project Life 2011.

HELP - My photos keep loading up sideways and I don't know why. They are the right way up before uploading! AHHH. Sorry about your sore necks.


Busted using a stool trying to get into the theatre room.
Busted using Mummy's moisturiser.
It's so hard not to laugh when she's busted!

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Listography - Top 5 Ice-creams

I saw this on eat play bond and thought yummo I have to get involved with the the Kate Take’s 5 Listography Linky! I love lists and I love ice cream :)

Here's mine:

1. McFlurry with Mini m&ms
Oh how I missed these when I was pregnant.

2. Choc-mint Magnum
I ate stack loads of these during my first prenancy. My craving were these, chocolate iced donuts and apples.

3. Bulla Raspberry Splits
My husband loves these too so a box doesn't last long in this house!

4. Bulla FruitnYoghurt Icecreams
I ate so many of these in my last pregnancy it was a good thing boxes of them were always on special.

5. Fried Ice-cream

Thursday, 7 July 2011


Photograph your child's library books

My New Love - Stinky Botz

I have a new love. My StinkyBotz.

But before I go any further I thought that I would make it clear that this is not a 'sponsored' post and I have not received any good for free etc etc. Sometimes when I've read a post about a great product I walkaway wondering if they got that for free. If I ever received goods for free to review I would make this clear. I think that's fair.

 So back to StinkyBotz. My niece (she is a mum too - remember I come from a large family!) gave me one a couple of months before my second baby was even due. I put it away in her room and well forgot about it. I came across it when I was reorganizing her drawers ready for her to move into her room (I have delayed this even further due to the extremely cold weather here in Perth - excuses, excuses!!). So I thought I'd better give it go since I know my niece would ask me about it next time I saw her. Well I could give myself a swift kick up the backside for not trying it before. It has everything I need for a quick, clean and organised nappy change. I used it just yesterday on one of those very dodgy baby-change tables in a disabled toilet at my local library/museum. Trust me I wanted to get out of there very fast and I could because I whipped out the Stinky Botz, quick change with everything there I needed, everything back in, wrap up and go! I keep wipes, nappy sacks and three nappies in it (1 toddler nappy and 2 baby nappies). I love it so much I may buy two so that each car has one in it permanently:)

Sorry about the sideways photos as I have no idea why they are uploading like that :(
You can find them here. They come in a few different colours/patterns. I love that by buying StinkyBotz, you'll also be supporting the Motor Neurone Disease (MND) Association of Victoria.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Cupcakes with Missy

Yesterday we made cupcakes and I learnt a big lesson. I underestimated my child's abilities! Back when I was at Uni studying early childhood education I remember giving a group talk about teacher expectations. Don't worry I won't rehash it for you. In fact it was so long ago I wouldn't have a chance of remembering it. Anyhow the basic idea is that if we have low expectations of children they will achieve little and vice versa. So back to my lesson today .. I was making cupcakes with Miss Molly. She helped me put the ingredients in and helped me mix it all up. It was time to pour the batter into the moulds. Everything was ready and I did one, getting her to help me count two spoons. Then there was a knock at the door. I have glass front doors so I took a step away to see who it was. I knew who it was so I quickly went and opened the door and came right back. I hadn't been gone for very long at all and there was Miss Molly was pouring the cake batter into the moulds all by herself. So I let her keep going! She did a fab job. I was such a proud Mum. I can't believe I wasn't going to let her do this as I didn't think she could. I also thought she'd make a big mess. I was so wrong.


And yes she insists on cleaning up after.

Monday, 4 July 2011

A Refreshing Change

We had a fairly busy weekend of socialising and Friday night was one of the most enjoyable nights I've had for a while. Why? Monopoly! Yes the board game Monopoly. 

We were invited over to our friends house on Friday night for tea. It was make your own pizza night. So easy and yummo! After tea the kids got showered, into their pjs and settled in front of a movie.
 It was such a refreshing change that my husband sent me out to buy the original monopoly game the next day. We can't remember what happened to our last one. I had to do some organising with the game though. I hate having games bits everywhere in a box and I had some small Tupperware containers that I never use, so ....

I think I may be slightly unhinged!!
My husband now wants me to investigate an electronic monopoly game. I think we might look for some other board games too. And by the way .. I won!! I also won when played each other on Sunday night.

Silly me left the game out on table . So Monday morning .....

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