Monday, 13 June 2011

The Study Project - What's in a Box?

So what do I keep in all those boxes. 
I haven't been nicknamed 'The Container Queen' for nothing!!

Above on the left I have a box of cards (birthday, baby, anniversary, plain) and a box of wrapping paper. I'm a budget queen when it comes to such things since most people throw them out anyway. I buy lots of cards and wrap cheap from Red Dot and Crazy Clarks. I make photo-cards for Mother's day, Father's day, Christmas, Easter and other special occasions.

On the shelf below I store map books, large envelopes, laminating sheets and printable label sheets. I had to buy an extra billy bookcase shelf from IKEA to make more room for this.

Next I store photo paper and white card in the blue tray, envelopes and printer paper. I keep these in a tray so I can easily transport them to my printer and have everything I need right there when printing special projects and photos. However I do most of my photo printing at Officeworks since its so much cheaper than printer ink.

In the middle I keep my children's health books and those fantasic plastic IKEA boxes. 

They hold:
pins & clips
sticky tape
bits & bobs
printer cartridges
red pens
ink pads
party stuff

Yes that it a lot! But I'm a teacher on maternity leave who had to bring all her stuff home. 
So yep a whole box of red pens!! Crazy, I know!

On the next shelf I have a fabric organiser that I store all our chargers in. These were driving me nuts all over the kitchen bench and study desk. The rest of the stuff is there temporary. 

The magazine holders are varied with camping, boat/fishing, instructions/warranty info, surf-club (my husband is a surf lifesaver), work, past diaries and choice magazines.
The last boxes are Camera stuff,  less used chargers, old phones, CDs, more stationary and lastly parts. By parts I mean all those parts that are needed for safety gates, changing cots to toddler beds, allen keys etc.

Phew! That's a lot of stuff but at least everything has a place and can be found easily.

But wait there's more ... 
Oops I haven't done that cupboard yet. 
I might take out shares in IKEA before I do that one!!

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