Friday, 24 June 2011

Photo Name Cards

This is a brilliant idea I pinched from my sister (an extremely fabulous early childhood teacher). They are name cards with photos. 
 I decided it was time to make a set for Miss Molly. It helps her language as she talks about the different people, she begins to recognize that words having meaning and hopefully she’ll begin to recognize her own name. A little early I know but why not. Kids are often more capable of what we expect and as much exposure to what we in the business call a ‘print-rich environment’ the better. When she is older they will help her read names as well as write them. She can use them to practice writing names and others in the family.

I made them on the computer in word using text boxes. I got them laminated by my lovely sister as my laminator died long ago. I found some great magnetic tape in Kmart yesterday for $6 to go on the back then put them on the fridge. 

As you can see they are on my bar fridge as our big fridge doesn’t take magnets.
My fabulous sister first made these when her oldest child was little. He’s now 16! They were displayed on a cheap magnetic white board in her playroom. She has 5 children and still has them going in her house today. They are bigger than mine and since her youngest are now writing well they mainly use them as place-cards for setting the table. Each night a different child gets to decide where everyone sits by putting out the name cards. It makes the chore of setting the table a little more exciting! So lots of uses and very educational.

Oops thought I would add that I didn't make one for all family members as my family is huge! I choose our own family, all grandparents and only the Aunties, Uncles and cousins she sees the most. She has 6 Aunties, 4 Uncles and 18 cousins! I will gradually add more but the poor child would be overwhelmed if I did all now!

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