Sunday, 12 June 2011

My Study Project – Part 2

Well it’s time to go filing cabinet! Bye Bye.

I bought this filing cabinet off my sister over ten years ago. The top two drawers contain all our personal and house associated stuff. The bottom drawer used to store teaching stuff until I went to teach upper primary and I moved it all into Lever Arch files. Over the last couple of years the two bottom drawers have just collected clutter.
I was so inspired by this on the Jenna Sue website it was time for a makeover.

Check out what Jenna did here.
She is so fabulous she has made the printables available here too.
So now I have this …

Ahhh! That’s so much better and takes up less space.

Next project is to buy an expedit from Ikea to replace where the filing was. Then I’ll move all my Project Life, Sweet Baby Kit and general scrapbooking stuff out of the dining room buffet in the fabulouso expedit bookshelf.


  1. That looks fantastic! Do you think you would like to share this project with the My Pigeon Pair readers??


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