Tuesday, 7 June 2011

My Study Project – At last!

Well no camping this long weekend but we got a short break from daughter no. 1. She had a sleepover at her Grandma & Grandpa.
So my husband and I got busy! I don’t mean that kind of busy either!!
Having our very inquisitive helper absent allowed us to do a few big jobs that we’ve been meaning to do for a very long time. The first 3 jobs are in our study.

  1. First there was an Ikea bookshelf to assemble.
  2. Move all my teaching files into that shelf (There are a few since I’ve taught a lot of different year levels)
  3. Put up a whiteboard (We really need this since we run a family business)

  1. Finally put our Flat screen TV up on the wall. It’s only been waiting 6mths!!
If you are wondering what's in the 3 large boxes well it's more teaching stuff in two. One stores maths games and the other has literacy games. The third box stores old photos.
On the far right are some spare picture frames I need to fill and some teaching posters that I want to store in a better place. Maybe that will be the next project.

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