Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Menu Planning

I was so inspired by Super Organiser Mum's beautiful menu planner printable found here, I decided it was time for a change. 

Cooking dinner had become a right mess lately. By the time late afternoon came in my house I couldn't be bothered thinking about what to cook. My hands were full with a baby suffering reflux and my not quite two year going feral with temper tantrums. I was rocking a baby and the same time as implementing time-outs. I was exhausted and frustrated. I needed to get better organised. 

The first week I did it on a piece of scrap paper just to see if it would help. It did. So one afternoon my husband came home and for once had no calls, quotes or invoices to write up or urgent jobs around the house. I left him with the kids and fled to Officeworks to buy some little clipboards. Of course I made the most of it and got photos printed for project life and window shopped around! I had to make the most of it!!

Menu planning for me needs to be simple, cheap and fast. I wrote down a list of all the meals that were easy for me to manage at the moment to use as a guide for choosing my meals. I recently made up a freezer inventory for my chest freezer so I know what meat I have too. 

Now I didn't want to be too boring so I've decided to try one new recipe each week. This week I'm trying the Beef casserole with Parmesan dumpling the Jade from Super Organiser Mum recommended on her face book site. Here is the recipe for those interested.


  1. Kaz, we're on the same wavelength! I have the exact same casserole simmering on the stove as we speak AND I am a Mum of two (boys however) AND I am a coffee addict that started when I too started my teaching career about 8 years back! I now feed my addiction daily with our Nespresso as I live on a farm miles from decent coffee AND am inspired daily from Jade's blog and love the changes I am making daily to help our lives run more smoothly and efficiently!! Love your work!!
    Clare, Great Southern WA

  2. Hi Clare! You are my very first blog comment. I was sooo excited!! Thank you. We do have a lot in common. My coffee addiction started because my first teaching post was in the South of WA. It was so cold in winter having a hot coffee in my hands was the only way to keep them warm!! Are you having withdrawal systems from Jade at the moment? I think I may need to admit I have a Jade addiction! Hope you're keeping nice and warm in this cold weather :)

  3. Oh YAY! For being the first blog comment!!
    I know, it is so bloody cold in the south of WA... seriously I'm half expecting to look out across the paddocks and see some snow. I've just come in from Netball training and geez it's cold!!
    YES.... totally having S.O.M withdrawals!! I only came across her blog a few months back but have been totally addicted to it - she has such great ideas for organising things in ways I would never have thought of doing before and I can honestly say it has really made my life so much easier and more efficient by making those changes!! AND I LOVE her style, her home is so beautifully decorated and I can definitely say I have house and things ENVY!! I just wished I lived in the city so I could go hunting for all the amazing things she finds and tells us about on her blog. I am keenly awaiting her return to see pics from her little boys party - so I can get some more ideas for my own boys parties AND for her printables and tips. One of the best things she mentioned that I now use is the BOSISTO'S Eucalytpus Solution for cleaning - I litterally use it to clean everything in our house, as it smells so good and does such a fabulous job - you should see my shower, it sparkles!!
    I hope you are keeping warm too. I'm off to shower and might just have to have an Nespresso tonight before bed... oh coffee, How I ADORE thee!!
    x Clare
    PS Good on you starting a blog - look forward to hearing more from you soon!


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