Friday, 17 June 2011

The Laundry - A Temporary Solution

I really want a laundry with built in cupboards and bench top! In our previous house we had this and I miss it. The house we bought six years ago only has a built in linen cupboard. Putting in cupboards and a having the sink in a bench top will happen eventually but right now we our renovating the outside of our house first. So I needed a temporary solution. I particularly needed somewhere to keep the baby baths. My solution was of IKEA of course! Surprise, surprise!! I bought a relatively inexpensive table top and legs. It’s been wonderful. My washing hampers fit nicely underneath and my washing basket and trolley parks nicely beside it. My eldest daughter insists it is always her job to put the trolley back in its space after we have hung out the washing.

Speaking of washing hampers I have two double one from Ikea. This is so I have four compartments: darks, colours, whites and towels (includes bibs, flannels etc). I am extremely fussy about my washing. I never wash towels with anything. 

I’m so obsessed with washing that it drives my husband nuts. He’s always saying ‘but I only wore it for a couple of hours’. In fact he’s even resorted to hiding some clothes so that I don’t wash them!!


  1. Looks great! You have to love IKEA!

  2. I love the repurposed table. I'm actually planning to do the same thing to create bench space. We're moving this weekend, and the new place doesn't have very much bench space at all in the laundry.

    Visiting from Larissa @ My Pigeon Pair.


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