Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Lastest Tupperware Love

I confess I am a Tupperware Addict! I love the stuff. My latest and greatest Tupperware buy – The Turbo Chef! I have seen this around for a while but was not at all interested in buying one. My thinking was would I really use it that much considering it was priced at around $55. Then someone gave me the light bulb moment. Bells went off in my head and the credit card was whipped out in a flash.

You see as I have mentioned in a previous post I have a fussy eater in this house. There are certain things she will and will not eat. She has a sensitive gag reflex. Put anything in front of her with chucks in it and forget it. For example she loves sultana bran but spits out the sultanas. Or sometimes gathers them all in the side of her mouth and very ungracefully spits them out some time later. Hope you’re not eating while reading this post. 

So what does the Turbo Chef have to do with this? Well my wonderful Tupperware lady told me how she had seen a woman out to lunch with her baby whip one out of her handbag, proceed to stuff some of her food in it, spin it and voila baby food! How cool is it? I have been mashing with a fork lately because I hate getting out my stab mixer. It’s portable and much faster. It’s also much easier to chop according to how chopped or even pureed you want it. Love it!! 

My goodness reading back over this it could sound like I was selling the stuff. Nope, never have and never will. I'm far too nervous in front of adults I don't know. I'm fine with kids! Even though kids are generally more likely to bite (Yes it has happened to me).  
I just wanted pass on a great idea that someone shared with me.

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  1. Thanks for the tip Kaz! I'm off to a Tupperware party next week - might just have to order one of these babies... I'm a TUPPERWARE addict too, along with coffee and stationary!!


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