Tuesday, 28 June 2011

It’s Nearly Time – sob, sob

My youngest little cherub is 3 months old next weeks. She is growing fast. When I say growing I don’t just mean chubby, I mean long too. It’s nearly time for to move out of her cradle and into her big cot. But this also means moving into her own room. I have mixed feelings about this. My first thought is yippee I get my husband back in our room. He didn’t deal with the broken sleep at all well. If he was woken at 3am he just couldn’t get back to sleep. This was not good. Grumpy tired husbands are not my preference. My next immediate thought is then sob sob my baby is growing up so fast. What makes it even harder is the likelihood that she is my last. It’s a strange new feeling. My oldest moved into a big cot and her own room at 7 weeks but we lived in a unit away from home that year. She was still so close and would join me in my bed when my husband went to work at 6am. This is going to be hard. I think I may have to choose a definite date or I will keep putting it off.

I loved this cradle. It’s a family cradle (I slept it in) and it worked so well for us. It fits 3 IKEA tubs under it beautifully so I can have everything at hand. Tub 1 – wraps, Tub 2 - clothes, singlets, socks etc, Tub 3 – sheets and blankets. 

It will be sad to pass it on in the family but nice to know that there will be many more babies starting off their precious lives in it. 

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  1. Ohhh that is a sad moment!! All our babies went into cots straight away, but the nursery is right next to ours, however, we soon have to make the move and put the twins into a different room towards the back of the house to make room for a new baby!! Sad. They will be so far away!!
    Love the cradle too!!


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